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Another good turnout despite the weather

Planting in the autumn sunshine

Tidying at the start of Autumn

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Sunday 6th January 2019


Visit the gallery for photographs of the meadow and some of the species we've seen.


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Baydons Meadow Wildlife Group

The group exists to manage Baydons Meadow, a field beside the river in Chippenham, as a hay meadow.

Over the years we are increasing the numbers of wildflowers and invertebrates, and are gradually reducing the incidence of coarse grasses and other vigorous plants.

We are a small group of volunteers, who would welcome help from anyone with a few hours to spare.

15th Anniversary of the group

This year we celebrate 15 years of work, turning an unused grass field and old, gappy hedge into the beginnings of a traditional wildflower hay meadow, laid hedge and copses of trees. These are attracting more invertebrates, birds and other creatures for visitors to enjoy as they walk their dogs, pass through on their way to and from town, and sit on the log seats.