BMWG title


CBLC logo Chippenham Borough Lands Charity - the landowner supporting BMWG

WWT logo Wiltshire Wildlife Trust - the wildlife charity that set up the volunteer group

Civic Society logo Chippenham Civic Society - presented BMWG with an environmental award

Butterfly Conservation logo Wiltshire Butterflies - The Wiltshire branch of Butterfly Conservation

Mortimores Wood logo Mortimores Wood Volunteers - the sister group that manages the local wood owned by CBLC

Woodland Trust logo The Woodland Trust - the UK's leading woodland conservation charity, responsible for the planting, and former owner, of the neighbouring millennium wood

TCV logo TCV - The Conservation Volunteers help hundreds of thousands of people each year to reclaim local green places

Sustrans logo Sustrans - National Cycle Network - the North Wiltshire Rivers Route, which is part of route 4, runs alongside the meadow

Chippenham Town Council logo Chippenham Town Council - the local council that now owns the neighbouring Baydons Wood.